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I am really getting frustrated. We live in the information age and we aren’t USING the technology, from what I can tell. Has anyone found an UNBIASED comparison between Obama and McCain? Please, don’t post “McShame” this or “Osama” that – I want real answers without the hype, please. All I have found everytime I search is the two camps pointing fingers at each other and saying they are liars.

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If I cannot find what I am looking for, I might just “throw away” my vote (they call it that when a person doesn’t vote with the mainstream). Serious… I am sick of hearing, “My friends…”, and I am sick of hearing “Believe…” Neither website lists their plan… and I mean a real plan that isn’t fluffy like “We will make this the best country ever!” WTF is that?

So I visited the sites ( and, and started wading through the additional verbiage on each issue.  Both are ultimately unclear to me, and part of the problem I want to make a decision in 15 minutes, but these issues, each one of them, is worthy of an hour or two of study at MINIMUM.  Nobody has that kind of time.

Ultimately, I am not going to ride the media sensationalism that IS the Obama campaign, founded on an engery and hope that, although heartfelt by its followers, is typical of the Democratic zeal.  Zeal and hope will not fix our problems anymore than “experienced mavericks.” C’mon, haven’t we as a species graduated this kind of BS yet?  “Say anything for the win” doesn’t earn my vote.

As it stands… I have gotten opinions from folks close to me (see the Rolling the Dice post and comments) and if anything, I am close to not voting for EITHER of them.  Plus, it’s not like THEY are going come in and DO everything… it’s not like America is an empire. Oh…it got kind of quiet… it’s not an empire, is it?

Out of all of this, I think the big take-away is I have ignored my country and left it to some pretty effed- up people.  The President has very little to do with it, ultimately. It’s become much bigger than that, and I am not sure how the American people are supposed to work their jobs, have their families, and sort out their government…but this I do know.  If we keep expecting the people we vote for to do it, it won’t happen.

Seriously. It’s a Democracy (or at least a Republic) – so we need to be more involved, and we need to use all the marvelous technology out there to become more educated and get more involved.  So let me see what I can find out about that approach, since this election is prettymuch a wash for me.

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