Turkey One, A Journey of Enlightenment

Dude, let's do a 360!
Dude, do a 360!

So, I recently was able to fly home and see the family for Turkey Day.  This is a good thing!  And it turned out to be quite an educational experience.  For example, where most airports have little trams/trains on tracks, Dulles has Psycho 4×4 Living Rooms.  Basically you walk through a door into a room, and this dude DRIVES the entire room across the airplane parking lot to your terminal.

A crazy wall of horizontally and vertically stacked old books with a rustic blue wood door in the center. The words "Support MindFuel Blog on Patreon are shamelessly plastered over this fine image

The only bummer is, they have a high center of gravity, and it may be a problem attempting to do a 360 or catch any air with these, but…c’mon…a living room with wheels? How cool is that?

It gets even better.  I get to my gate and I am sitting there watching multiple camera crews talk about getting shots, there’s a gal directing folks to place Mickey Mouse balloons by the gate (they even ran to get a BLUE one, to make sure the colors were balanced).  Then, it was lights, camera, action!
Crews at work, bringing us the magic of Turkey One
Crews at work, bringing us the magic of Turkey One
Basically, the flight was “Turkey One.” On this flight, the turkeys that are pardoned by the President get flown to Disneyland. Disneyland!? Wow, and apparently the passengers can get their pictures taken with the turkeys, hang out, throw back 40s, and, well some things on Turkey One are probably best not shared. (What happens on Turkey One, stays on Turkey One, ok?)
Party Animal en route to Disneyland
Party Animal en route to Disneyland

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