Merry PDF-mas!

HO HO HO! Merry Christmas!

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And to show off my geeky side I am not only wishing you a wonderful holiday, but sharing a technoid tid-bit from St. Nick himself!


====  From the North Pole ====

Are you sick of Adobe bloating the SNOT out of their dumb PDF viewing software??  Wish you could just view PDFs and not have to put up with their updates and forever downloads?


Well, my fellow HO-HO-HO-ers, you are not alone – my elves would not stop whining about how their core-duo hamsters were consuming FIVE times the amount of magic dust just to run Adobe’s key-logging back-stabbing post-script nightmare before Christmas.


To help you all, I have found a very good boy indeed. Yes I have! No lumps of coal for this young man:


A free PDF viewer that runs on a thumb drive, and it keeps my little elves from sitting around with their thumbs elsewhere – always a good thing! HO! Gotta love it. And if you try it out and it works for you, too, then save a few hundred megabytes and a few hundred headaches by uninstalling that pesky Adobe viewer. (My elves have a special lump of “coal” just for THEM! HO HO!)


Your Pal,


Santa Script

==== End North Pole Transcript ====

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