New Year’s From Room 4101

Uh so yeah if a fortune teller said to me, “Your server is going to crash, and then your wife will fall down the stairs, and then your largest customer for your budding S-Corp is going to have their parent company file a 3.2B bankruptcy, and then your wife will be in a car wreck, and then your whole house will contract a flu that lands your 17-month-old in the hospital for three days,  and then you will fly back to visit them only to contract a freakish GI virus that lands you in the hospital for five days.”  If I was told that I woulda stuffed her crystal ball some place not so nice. 

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Lucky for fortune-tellers the world over, nobody had to tell me – it all just sort of unfolded that way.  It’s times like these when, despite my best efforts to remain positive, I sometimes throw a pity party.  Pity me! Boo Hoo.

There, that was phun.  2009, with the economy in shambles (our shambles is still like royalty for millions of others who face life on this planet every day), is still, for better or worse, another day to bask in the glow of self-consciousness.  Hey, I am still in the game, I still have a fair degree of latitude to forge my own path through this adventure, and I couldn’t ask for a better family, better friends, better coworkers, or a better employer.

2008 may have ended in room 4101 of Sky Ridge Medical Center (The 4th floor crew was awesome), but 2009 was ushered in by my discovery that for $7.95, I could order 24 hours of movies…  I watched The Bourne Ultimatum, The Forbidden City, and Transformers! And I even figured out how to pause, rewind and forward them using the bedside control! (Press the OK button… intuitive, ey?)  Yeeeeee-hawwwww! 

Idunno what 2009 has in store, but I know I will be in the ring until the Big Man tells me otherwise 🙂



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