Musika Inspiration

Ronald Jenkees is the total electronica bomb, man!  I had a crummy day cuz well, Visual Source Safe will do that to a person (rips your code out and walks all over it), and then I left my cell phone in a men’s room and it got hoiked.

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I came home, I ate a sandwich, I cranked some DJRJ and kept the pilot light going for when I can afford to buy new gear to replace the stuff I had to blow out on E-Bay.  Like me poor, sniffle, Korg N5! Weep. Sob.

K, I just bought the officialified RJ CD. Oh Yeah!

4 thoughts on “Musika Inspiration”

  1. My friend, I can only say Subversion is the answer. If anyone EVER, EVER, EVER suggests to you VSS is for professionals, educate them: Subversion (aka svn) is the tool to use. If education doesn’t take, begin ignoring.

    The Wikipedia entry is lamely out of date, but none the less:

    Anyway, svn handles more than code… I use svn to archive/revision ALL my important files.

    DJRJ: Interesting… I like it.

  2. Hey, I am with you – ZettaSpace is a Subversion shop, I have a whole VM dedicated to it. My problem is, SVN will not get approved on the day gig. Another drag for me, it uses Apache and a command line tool. Great things, if I would stop forgetting the commands between repo admin sessions. Right now, I need to relearn everything I forgot to create a new repo and add a couple new user accounts. Anyway, SVN is not only more reliable, it’s client side is SOOOO much easier to use!! And of course, it’s price tag of $0 ain’t too bad either 😀

    Well, I was thinking of moving to VSS – but I think that calamity has been averted. Thanks!

    1. Apache is just ONE interface to SVN; however, it is the best one…

      We’ve set up MediaWiki as our doc/design/howto tool. The MediaWiki user/group DB is used to authenticate our svn users making it super simple to add or delete a user. We use doxygen for code documentation and use the same DB to authenticate users for access to the automatic, nightly built doxygen data!

      With my fifty-six kay… ha ha! Betsy did think it was as entertaining as I did… Heh!

      1. Oh yeah, you can use TortiseSVN inside windows explorer instead of command line on win. I prefer command line, but use Tortoise sometimes…

        BTW- VSS really sucks for Linux and Mac development!

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