Thinking About Pre-Paid Legal Services?

The web is the weirdest thing on our planet… I got a message via my YouTube channel from someone who knows my buddy Scott, and he was asking about Pre-Paid Legal Services because he was thinking of joining.  I wrote him back and then thought, maybe this should go on the blog for others who might want an opinion:

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Yes, I have been a PrePaid subscriber for years. Yes, they truly were an MLM, although these days you can go directly to PPL and join without going through an associate, I think.

Pros: Unlimited phone consultations with attornies who practice the law pertinent to your issue and are licensed in the area where you need them (for example, if I am in CO and doing a real estate transaction in AZ, PPL will put me in contact with a real estate attorney in AZ).

They will review up to a certain number of pages (5 or 10) of contract verbiage to advise you on it, and they will write certain types of letters on your behalf. These are “metered” per month depending on your plan.

There are other benefits and riders you can “bolt on” to the $26/mo base price. It is month-to-month, and you can scale up or down. At one time we had the “small business” rider, which helped with LLC/S-Corp type questions for our business.

Cons: There really is no con as long as customers understand that no attorney is going to take them on as a client without them shelling additional cash out of pocket! I have no idea if the rates are truly discounted compared to street rates, but my focus is to use PPL as information for “self-help” and as a way to avoid actual litigation.

Overall I am a happy customer, but even if you don’t like it, you will be out I think $10 to sign up and $26 for the first month – that’s a pretty cheap “pilot program” and I think you will find it is pretty legit.

Hope this info prooves useful. My rep/reseller is Diane Glass. I do not resell but if you don’t have anyone to “give credit to” and if they still need a “name” be my guest to use hers. 🙂

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