For those who want more than a blurred definition of “Cloud Computing,” might I suggest a healthy read: 8 myths of cloud computing, by Tarak Modi.  Tarak and I go way back. OK, no we don’t, but I did enjoy the article and for those of you who don’t have time for the whole thing… it’s kinda like this:

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WHAT IS CLOUD COMPUTING? (the short version)
ASP and SaaS offer isolated solutions.  The cloud offers an interconnected pool of solutions.  Virtualization offers resources that are abstracted away from their physical hardware.  The cloud offers processing/storage capability across a massive pool of virtualized resources that can be dynamically scaled up and down as needed to match demand.

Cloud computing is powerful; however, buying a faster, “greener”, cooler car won’t improve your driving skills.  The Cloud is no more a one-size-fits all solution than anything else so don’t get all “snake oil” happy and dump your IT infrastructure so you can play in “the Clouds” like all the other IT boys and girls.

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