Audio Recording Latency – Solved with ASIO4ALL

You heard right. I’ve been having issues with my system handling the latency on virtual synthesizers.  Luckily I found ASIO4ALL – and this has done the trick.

A strange blue cyber background with black lines going vertical and horizontal. The image of a woman takes up a third of the frame and she is starting at a the small image of a meme where someone is wearing a rainbow afro. "Support MindFuel Blog on Patreon" is meticulously crafted into a graphical overlay which obfuscates part of the underlying artistry. So sad.

I have copies of Ableton Live 8,  Sonar 4, Music Creator 4, and have recently added Sony’s ACID Music Studio 8 to my list…for this track, I am using ACID along with Vir2’s VI.One VST, Cakewalk’s Rapture VST, and Cakewalk’s Dimension Pro VST. Of course, where would I be without the M-Audio Axiom-49 my wife got me for Christmas? Gotta have that!

When I first encountered the problem, I was messing around with this track.  So, as a sense of closure, I rerecorded the new track with the ASIO driver.

Why a tuba? Idunno, I guess people who play tuba don’t get to do lead very often so, give the foundation a break and let it step into the spotlight for a minute (and 27 seconds, but who’s counting).  Anyway, this was a fun test track. Hope you enjoy it too!!


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