Digitally Imported Radio ( &

I’ve been listening to Digitally Imported for years and years.  I’ve recently decided to become a premium member to show my support.  What I like about Digitally Imported is that anywhere I have an internet connection, I have access to a great selection of electronic and dance music.  Now, with the addition of, there’s also a great selection of music from a bunch of different genres.

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Nice thing is, you don’t have to be a premium member – go listen for free and see if you like it.  My favorites are Trance and Progressive – it’s great for concentrating on writing applications, stories, doing artwork…whatever I am working on goes better with some lyric-free electronic music :-).

Three cheers for DI radio, and thanks to Ari Shohat, who is the President and has done a lot over the years to fight for quality streams and a diverse selection of music, formats, and the occasional website features (hey look 125,000 FB fans…hee hee).

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