Plane Weird on Google Maps

This was just a weird artifact I stumbled across while map spelunking on Google… at first I thought maybe it was a memorial of some kind for flight 90 that crashed in the eighties, now I am thinking it is either someone being bored at the map factory, or an artifact caused by the picture being taken as the plane flew in the way…

Picture of dead sea scroll cave with "Support Mindfuel Blog on Patreon" shamelessly promoted on top
what looks like a plane sitting in the Potomac river
Plane artifact left on Google Map image

5 thoughts on “Plane Weird on Google Maps”

  1. That is one of the Reagan Airports flight paths for landing on one of the runways, You’re probably right, it’s a plane that got shot while it was on the path to land at Reagan.

    1. It doesn’t let me zoom in any closer, but yeah there is the plane and then a rainbow reflection. I hear all the new death ray guns used to shoot down planes leave that rainbow effect.

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