Getting Google Voice working through Gmail (not Google Talk)

OK, bottom line is…I got some conflicting advice from Google about Google.  Ever since the death of Gizmo5 I’ve been left with a void in my IP soul…I WANT TO PLACE/ANSWER GOOGLE VOICE CALLS ON MY PC!

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I read a bunch of posts that said Google Talk cannot do this.  And I read some posts that said GMail can call out but not receive calls. The truth is GMail can be used to receive calls initiated by you or by someone dialing your Google Voice number.  It CAN be done… but it is weird!


  • First, I read this article
  • Then, I realized to place a call in Gmail…I had to install the voice and video plug-in…so be sure that is done

Then, I placed a call, like the instructions said, from Gmail to my Google Voice Number

Then, I went to settings (the gear in the upper right of Google Voice)

And I selected my Google Chat address

Now, when I try and dial I have TWO “Google Talk” links

The first one was always there… and doesn’t do anything…if yours is like that, then just ignore that one.  It is not the Google Talk you are looking for. Move along.
The second one will ring my Gmail when I place a call, or receive a call.

Now, for some additional weirdness! Sometimes that second “Google Talk” disappears. I have to open settings, uncheck the Google Chat box, recheck the Google Chat box, and then sometimes I have to reload the web page in order to see and use the “Google Talk” link that will ring my Gmail account.  So keep your eyes open for that!

Now I can talk through my PC via Google Voice. It makes me happy, and saves me international charges from Sprint (and yes, even though they are “partnered” with Google, they don’t tell you about Google Voice… they charge some huge long distance instead!!).  You have to visit Google to find out about the partnership. Sprint…ftw…NOT!

Hope this helps other folks who want FREE PC CALLING

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  1. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. This was the only helpful article I read to fix my G Voice and gmail problem. Nice work!

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