Why Facebook is [Adjective]

OK, really this post is probably redundant, but since they are a faceless organization that plays every trick in the book to avoid allowing people to contact them directly, this just makes me feel betterer.

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OK, so here are some options – I haven’t tried them yet, but figured I would put this at the top of my rant in case you don’t care about all my whining:

options: http://gethuman.com/contact/Facebook/

says you are screwed: http://www.contacthelp.com/directory/Internet/Web+Sites/Facebook?ListingID=324


My handle is TheRage3K.  I also owned an S-Corp with a legal entity name of ZettaSpace Inc.  Facebook does not allow businesses with mixed cap names to properly register their name.  They have this artificial rule they created about “proper capitalization.” This rule makes no sense!!

By their rules, I would be either Therage3k, or Zettaspace Inc.  Those aren’t MY names.  I even tried ditching the cap, and it puts the first one in! It’s required. Why? “facebook” doesn’t start with a capital…they don’t even play by their own rules!! LAME SAUCE! What if my name was an Acronym? Gah… think people!!

Add to that the most non-intuitive UI since the invention of the sloppy Joe, privacy and security issues, the fact that I really don’t WANT to see every single time my long lost acquaintance from high school drinks a cup of coffee,  not liking that their applications are constantly asking for crazy permissions, and just seeing Facebook as a time sink in general…. well, that pretty-much sums it up!


I think, from a typical entertainment/advertising model stand-point, FB is over inflated in value, but is definitely a successful model. But there are better ways to share information – smarter and more efficient ways (this goes against the grain for what the profiteers want to see happen).  I read somewhere, in reference to FaceBook… if the service is free, then you aren’t the customer, you are the product being sold.  That’s 100% true in this case.

Since I am putting a BIZ on FB, this is not about me having coffee.  This is about my business paying for me to tell you I am having coffee! No. No wait…


Well, I cannot change FB, so here is my multi-faceted approach:

  • First, I found a name that worked – for some reason “3K” was deemed viable. 
  • Second, I will post this article so others can share in the annoyance
  • Third, I will climb a tree, and from at least 10 feet off the ground, I will proclaim to whoever will listen that my business exists!
  • Fourth, I will have folks login and use the evil FB website to promote my business.
  • Fifth, I will create a hashtag, because those have been proven to fix EVERYTHING! #WhyFacebookIs

With a plan this clever, I cannot fail!

No, I really don’t know what the plan is, but it looks great! “Presentation” for the win….


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