Every day, we wake up with a whole new day in front of us.  What that day brings to us has a lot to do with what we bring to our day. Today I woke up and decided to review all the irons I have in the fire. 

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In my phone, I maintain a list of ideas. That list grows faster than I am currently acting on these ideas. In fact, I have put almost the whole of my being into ONE venture for the last few years.  It was a choice.  I love the team and the venture so much , that is how I chose to dedicate my time.

But it is a choice. Nobody on that venture owes me anything, and I don’t owe them anything. We wake up and team up by choice every day.

Still, I have this list… and it keeps growing, along with my desire to act upon some of the ideas on said list! The venture has been taking longer than expected, but it is going well. If it goes REALLY well, I will have resources to address my list.  However, if it, for any reason does NOT go well, I think it would be smart to get the ball rolling on some of these other ideas.

Hence, today… a new day, and time to get the ball rolling.  Which ball to roll, though?  I count myself blessed to have so many balls! Wow, that…we will just leave that right there and move on. 

This is where priorities come into play, right? Good old priorities. Priorities are a finesse game, as is most of life, really, once you’ve been around long enough to see that brute force is usually the last card in the deck we want to play despite some of the social programming around it being forced to the top so frequently.

How to prioritize? I suppose there are books on that subject.  It has its roots in, “what is important?” Is family important? Is it money? Is it travel? Learning? Adventure? Creativity? Ah, so many dimensions to explore. For a variety of reasons, my priority is lifestyle. That’s a way to say I want it all, without having to say I want it all. Lifestyle.  It is vague, the definition can shift based on the frame of mind I am in at any moment. That’s kinda the point: “My priority is Lifestyle” is a blend of all the factors at the perfect mix for any given moment in my life.  That’s what I want all the time, except when I want something else. As it is written, so shall it be done.

One other key component of priorities is synergy.  Like, when you have a game and you can find 3 quests that all want you to do the same thing… you do it once, and cash in three times. Synergy is sometimes an important factor when I prioritize (sometimes I just want something and synergy-be-damned). In general though, when taking a break from my main venture, I try to do something that is distant enough I can say, “whew, I took a break,” but also close enough, I can say, “and what I did or learned can be used to help my venture in a new way.”  Finesse…

Current venture aside, then, which of my ideas is the best use of my time? I have ideas that require coding, writing, studying, doodling, networking…even blogging!

Well, we can consider the blog portion of my priorities completed for today, with one catch: I gotta pick a direction for the day. I pulled out about 6 of my ideas, and walked through the next steps for each of them.  I am down two ideas to poke at for today:

  1.  I can choose something comfortable: I have a few website edits which will help position some products for sale.  There is definitely some pressure to get these edits done.
  2. I can choose something more unknown: I have a few investments I want to review and shuffle around. I have talked about changing these investments all year and haven’t made time for it. 

Either of these would produce synergy, they have some revenue potential, and the effort is measured in days not weeks.  Maybe hours, if I am lucky.  Today, I am feeling more “unknown.”  So, I think I will go down that road a bit and see what I find out.

Happy Prioritizing!

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