2 Easy to Use Project and Task Apps

If you have been reading along, my last post was about Working Smart. Today, I followed that exact advice to evaluate 9 possible ideas, building out vision, team and shielding after prioritizing the top 3.

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In the previous article, I mentioned how your vision should be decomposed into steps – tasks that you can check off a list.  But where to keep that list? Well, I have evaluated DOZENS of software titles for project management, and of course, what works for one person might be different for another, but my favorites, so far are:

  1. Quire:  This cloud-based project and task list app is so fast and easy to use.  It makes decomposition a snap, and with its almost unlimited nesting ability, you can easily further decompose items later.  Easy for teams, multiple orgs with multiple projects, and even for personal use.  The best part… so far, the app is free! Sure they will charge someday, and I will pay when that time comes.
  2. Azendoo: This cloud based tracker is a little harder to use than Quire, and doesn’t sport nesting, but they offer free webinars and have chat based support.  Azendoo also has a very cool social component, and their use of “subjects” and “work groups” within the organization makes their product flexible in interesting ways. Plus, they have recently revamped and added a bunch of new features like time tracking and Kanban boards.  Azendoo is fairly inexpensive, as well.

Now, you might be asking “Where is Jira?” Listen, I know a lot of teams that successfully use Jira, but in all honesty, it is so slow and clunky.  I wait 3-5 seconds per mouse click… magnify that time across an entire day of updates, and then across your team.  That’s all time that is wasted.  Not to mention, the product is not all that intuitive.  On the flip side, it is not very expensive and can be customized a gazillion ways…for folks who want to invest the time to do that or if your organization supports a bunch of customized workflows.  My needs are a lot simpler, I don’t need all that capability, so Quire or Azendoo are just better for the “get it done” mindset, imho.

That’s all this post was about. Getting the word out on some cool project tracking gadgetry. Happy…decomposing?

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