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Ready, Set, 2021!

Well, I did this post kinda backwards cuz I wrote it on Steemit. Oops. But I want it refelcted here:

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This was my wrap-up of 2020 and a toast to 2021. Now a month in, Aleks and I have already poured the foundation of another great year of adventure.

Aleks is always reminding me that life is a complete experience every single day. Without her, I think I drift into my projects and never pause to actually appreciate things. It can be any form of appreciation, really, but hitting that pause button EVERY DAY is so important.

We were just discussing our next set of goals, and it is time to hit the pause button to go for a run. It reminded me that I haven’t posted to my blog in quite a while, so before I pause, and while waiting for her to put her running shoes on, I snuck in a quick little post.

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