Welcome, Transcendeon

Ironically, although I am aware of transcendentalism, I am not well-versed on it. The name “transcendeon” was actually coined in one of my journals back in 2015 and I used to describe a transcendent form of our species. There have been a number of science fiction works that have hinted at our future selves, usually resulting in mutants with super powers. That would be cool, and I am all for it, as long as we can handle such awesomeness with even more reverence than we currently apply to our existing avatars.

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Our Avatar

“Avatars” is a term I have borrowed from the internet. I don’t have a cool movie yet, but actually the movie did a great job of exploring what would happen if we actually lived a whole complete life through our internet avatars, right? Some religions hold that we are made of a spirit and a physical body, and I simply refer to our physical bodies as our avatars. For me it helps establish a psychological separation between this amazing biological miracle that we inhabit and our consciousness which guides its every move. It helps when we discuss the notion of self programming, the power of choice and our power to redirect every impulse and thought generated within our avatars.

Law of Attraction

I believe that the law of attraction (or law of vibration, or whatever marketing term bubbles to the top) has a lot to do with our ability to transcend our limiting beliefs and hack our avatars. This category in my blog exists to share positive affirmations, share positive energy, help deal with negative energy and explore my personal journey as a “transcendeon.” I might even work in some transcendentalist notions since it seems to fit pretty darn well.


Now, science might eventually prove that all of this is a bunch a hullabaloo. I’m cool with that – I have a huge respect for science and the discipline of our scientific methods. Science has done so many amazing things and is the mechanism through which we demystify the universe that surrounds us. However, we have a long, looooong way to go in that arena, so for now, I am encapsulating all the things science has not satisfactorily quantified into a category we can refer to as “spirituality”, “mysticism” or even good old-fashioned bunny-in-the-hat “magic”.


Some might notice I don’t mention “religion.” Apparently, as I have discovered through 15 minutes of search engine research, I share some kindred energy with our transcendentalist practitioners: I believe organized religion is a personal choice, but as I have yet to find a religion that truly allows humans to judge one another (note: I have not looked all that hard), all the religions of this world, along with all the governments and all the cultures, they all get to find a way to coexist. It used to be we need to find a way of coexistence whereby we didn’t destroy each other, but recently, there have come to be so many of us, that we also need to figure out how to coexist with each other AND our planet, for our children and all the generations to follow. As my notion of being a Transcendeon is rooted in each of us exploring and experiencing the worlds around us, we are free to do that through the lens of any religion which resonates with us.

Contemplative Self-Care

Finally, when I say, “Welcome, Transcendeon,” it is my belief that every human being has the innate power to transcend perceived or programmed limitations and become the most advanced version of themselves (the “better” version that is so popular in today’s “Self Care” advertising). Of course, words being the multifaceted creatures they are, this post is dripping with generalities, some of which will get explored here. What does “advanced” even mean in that first sentence? Well, this “transcendeon” category of my blog will share that journey, open to discussion and in the hope it helps others along the way. It’s less prescriptive and more exploratory, it is less a “how-to” than it is a “what-if,” and it is definitely more centrist than it is extreme. In fact, I expect this category to be so contemplative, I might arrive at different conclusions on different days to the same question. Who knows!?

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