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My Personal Miracle Memorandom

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is executed between myself and every other form of life in the known and unknown multiverse. I have come to understand the following:

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Life, also known as the “miracle of life” and the “miracle of creation”, is a miracle. For our thousands of years researching it, we still do not know exactly how it works, and yet it has worked for over 3.7 billion years on this planet alone.

As all life is a miracle, then not only is each life form a miracle, but every action taken by each life form, no matter how trivial it might seem, is also a miracle. A common reference is the signature flap of a butterfly’s wings, but this extends from the spaceships we fly to the salt we scrape. Infinitely, this list expands into every corner of every biochemical activity that occurs.

It takes trillions and trillions of miracles happening in parallel for one person to inhale, exhale and contemplate this amazing beauty that surrounds us every moment of every day.

I would like to believe almost all theologies can agree, regardless of what entity sits at the helm of any one of our belief systems, or even for those of us who hold that no such entity sits at any such helm, the miracles surrounding and enabling our every moment – they are extant and deserving of our unwavering appreciation.

Wherefore, I agree, wherever my fellow human beings are concerned:

Whether engaging with family, loved ones, friends, colleagues, vendors, customers, acquaintance, strangers or enemies;

Whether approaching a positive or negative situation, an agreement or a conflict, an acceptance or a challenge, a transparency or a deception, a version of a truth or a version of a lie, peace or a battle;

I will first and foremost consider that everyone involved is a miracle. I will endeavor to afford everyone involved my unwavering appreciation, my sincerest ability to understand their perspective, my best ability to find an equitable resolution. I will honor everyone’s personal liberties & free will.



My holiday wish

Animals compete based on territory, mating and control. It’s understandable that we come from these roots. But it’s 2021. We can fit all the information from the entire Library of Congress on the head of pin. If we can do that, surely we can organize ourselves in such a way that our natural tendencies to classify, judge and control one-another can be suspended in favor of an advanced approach more on par with our technical achievements. I am hoping we can all unite on this premise and “fail forward” through it together.

Happy Holidays and to another year of miracles.

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