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And the Truth of It

Patreon’s API is read only. I can live with that. My blog here will receive content from Patreon, but the stuff I publish here on my website will not GO to Patreon, which was my original plan. I know, most people will be, like, wuuuut? Why would you do that.

A crazy wall of horizontally and vertically stacked old books with a rustic blue wood door in the center. The words "Support MindFuel Blog on Patreon are shamelessly plastered over this fine image

I would do that because I want to do a steady stream of publishing from my website, and then on Patreon I would only have the stuff I am selling – people who back me would get access to those materials. At least, that ‘s what I was thinking.

But I can make this work. If thousands of other people have, so can I, right? Right!

I will publish here on my site and figure out what to do with Patreon later.


That’s the silver lining round the bat turd right there.

Now this will go via EXXP to Hive – but it will get there before my Patreon post, because that doesn’t automatically go over the wire – I have to manually push content from Patreon, once it lands on this site, over to Hive.

Hurts my brain

I am just going to click publish now.


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