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Yet Another Reason to Own Your Blog

The LinkedIn Challenge

I maintain a lot of different social media platforms, and each has their own nuances. In today’s adventure, I simply wanted to share a post from Ben Taylor, Dataiku’s Chief AI Strategist. But I wanted to do it a certain way. Here’s what I wanted:

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  • I wanted to keep Ben’s comments on the post he shared
  • I wanted to add my own comments when I shared the post
  • I wanted to post to my MindFuel Blog LinkedIn Page and then repost that to my personal account
  • Then, if I wanted to boost the post, I wanted that option

This all sounds reasonable, right? Nothing super high tech here. But LinkedIn doesn’t work that way. In fact, LinkedIn doesn’t work ANY of those ways. Here’s what I found over my lunch break:

  • If I re-posted Ben’s post, it just shared the post and erased his comments. Not cool.
  • I could add my own comments, but further down the pipeline when sharing to my personal feed, they got erased. Not cool.
  • I could add the post to my MindFuel LinkedIn page, and then sharing to my personal feed, my comments were erased. Cool. . . not!
  • The boost police crashed my posting party stating that I couldn’t do boosting because of chapter 67 paragraph 3 section 412 which states only at the strike of midnight during a blood moon blah blah blah.

The “I own my blog” Fix

Alrighty then, as Ace Ventura might say but I cannot admit because it would open me up to a word mark debate I don’t want to have. Anyway, personal blog to the rescue. If I use my blog website to write this post, I can, with a little extra work, keep Ben’s commentary, keep my commentary, post it to MindFuel Blog on LinkedIn, re-post it to my personal LinkedIn page, and give the boost police their precious blood moon!

I am about to do just that, which just underscores the power of abstraction I published not so long ago! Layers. . . giving yourself layers will add complexity, but it also gives you more control. Ask Janet Jackson about the power of control, yo. <- and try doing that on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Should Sub to My “Sphere of Control”

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2 thoughts on “Yet Another Reason to Own Your Blog”

  1. Owning your domain and hosting frees you from all other sites online. Right now, Twitter is down in Turkey but my blog is up and running so I publish genuine blog comments to add value, to make friends and to keep the blogging momentum going. Wise words here.


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