picutre of a funky electric guitar with strange pickups and the phrase "I tinker... ...therefore I am " overlayed on the image

The Circle of Blog #mydatabelongsto.me

Anyone who reads my material knows I am a walking variety magazine. I just love the force of creation, which is how I can pivot Math.random(360) degrees, several times a day. If you don’t know JavaScript, that’s just a number between 0 and 360.

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It began with a domain name

I will wake up with an idea. It will churn around in my mind and sometimes there isn’t enough time to write everything down, but by the end of that day, I don’t want to forget the energy of the idea, so I will go bookmark it with a domain name. Yesterday, I bought mydatabelongsto.me. Pretty easy to know what I was thinking about, right?

For the record http://www.its-my-data.com was already taken, so I never said my idea was original. Original to me, perhaps, but that’s a story for a different day about living an experiential life!

I like data privacy

I’m not alone… DuckDuckGo likes privacy, Proton apps like Privacy, I found out my hosting provider (HawkHost) likes privacy when I bought a little VPS and saw their DNS was rigged to CloudFlare’s / DNS service. CloudFlare likes privacy. The list goes on and on. Entities committed to privacy – you know, software designed for customers to be the sole custodians of their data instead of the constant target of mining operations.

People string their lives along the conveniences of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook (which has been proven bad for people’s health, and yet I still have an account….). I do business with all these cats and it has finally gotten to me. Just like I cut the cable for television, I want to “cut the Google.” I want to invite privacy back into my life, own my data, and be the majority shareholder deciding who gets what.

Let the privacy diatribe begin

I have several ventures afoot at any given time, but I am going to all the things because I’m a creator and there’s all kinds of people who either have a kindred agenda, want to support an agenda, have their own idea and we just like link sharing, whatever. I am going to just make some time to share what I am up to with this data privacy stuff, along with tidbits about my other adventures in the hopes my readership (all 5,400 of you, so far this year – thank you!!) see a path toward regaining control of our data.

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I trolled the internet for memes and comics – I have no idea who owns this image. If it is you, let me know and we’ll get it attributed properly (or decide if I need to take down the image). Thanks!

picutre of a funky electric guitar with strange pickups and the phrase "I tinker... ...therefore I am " overlayed on the image

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