Thank you for visiting the MindFuel Blog. I  started blogging a long time ago and actually some of those blogs are still out there. This blog is just an evolutionary continuance along my blogging journey and I am honored to share this content.  What content is that? I believe life is experiential – we are meant to live it.  Maybe that sounds obvious, but hopefully you stick around to explore just how deep this seemingly simple concept can go.  What does it mean to “experience” life?

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One example is this quest for something “new” or something that is taken “to the next level.”  There are 8 billion of us, ergo, something that is new to me might not be new to someone else. There are always people just beginning, people down the road and people bored with a particular form of experience. Part of experiencing life then, is not worrying about if something is “new” or “the next level”.

This blog will leave FOMO in the metaphorical medicine cabinet next to the benzodiazepines we pretend are useful and just explore for the sake of exploring.


Another example is sunlight.  I was taking a yoga class the other day and the instructor thanked the sun for all the life-enabling energy it has poured into this planet while seeking nothing in return.  We get so caught up in being an “advanced” society, I think we sometimes forget about the base enablers that sustain us – light, air, water, earth, the miracle of life which we have researched extensively and still come up quite shallow on understanding holistically.

This blog will sometimes re-explore and celebrate the things we all already know about.

And a final example, although there are so many more: Positive energy.  My journey from darkness into the light has been decades in the making, and is still progressing.  Many people feel that there must be darkness for there to be light. The whole yin and yang thing. That is fine with me, but as someone who has dwelt in darkness, including a steady diet of horror, violence and negativity, cap-stoned with depression and anxiety…  I am ready for less of that. I accept yin, and maybe this blog will have its yin moments, but the goal here is to unleash a bunch of yang.

This blog aims to be a source of yang, a source of light, positive energy and higher resonance.


As the current research goes, when we feed our minds too much yin, we
enslave ourselves to that darkness which causes us to think and act from
fear, to dwell in and invite a darker future for ourselves.  The mind
craves yang – it craves positive thought, it craves forgiveness,
compassion and thankfulness. These kind of thoughts are pure mind fuel,
and I hope on this journey of exploring and experiencing our lives, we
can give light its due and therefore bless ourselves with the brightest
possible future.