A montage of four overlapping images depicting 2 girls and 2 guys sitting in a lounge chair at sunset and writing in their journals.

OK to GIGGLE: 6 Daily Self-Reflection Techniques to Fill Your Journal with Good Stuff

Keeping a personal journal is one of those things I am good at and then forget to do for years at a time. But still, it is a practice I have maintained off and on since I was at least in 4th or 5th grade. Over the years, it was just organic, but more recently

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1950s style comic book mail is holding up a small wall calendar. The calendar has little arms and an devious smile as it holds a photo-realistic credit card over its head.

Your Calendar Might Know Your Credit Card Number

Calendly allegedly enables wiretapping I was thinking about signing up with Calendly, so people could book appointments with me. Bad idea. I am a privacy advocate, and I can’t sign up with a firm that actively engages in propagating malware to spy on their customers. But, don’t believe me, here is the class action filed

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2 businessmen meeting at a rug bazaar, one is receiving a box and asks "Was it produced sustainably?" while the man handing off the box states, "Of course, sir, to exacting standards"

De-carbonizing Fashion

Last week, even after Earth Day 2024 came and went, SOSV continued, like so many other entities, on their planetary health mission. And that meant more sessions for me to attend and absorb on my journey toward getting increasingly involved. The next session I attended was about several start-ups and their journey to de-carbonize the

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planet earth with a bunch of candles at the north pole and siting, like a cake on a table in a nice flat overlooking the ocean

Happy Earth Day

Of course, everyone knows Earth Day is far more than one day. Like a birthday, it represents a journey around the sun. Unlike a human birthday, we do not know Earth’s exact age, but it is estimated to be about 4.6 billion years. That’s a lot of candles. How Did You Celebrate? There are so

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A tomcat meditating on a small island in the middle of the ocean. Though bubble reads "To become a better version of myself (and receive bug fixes and security updates), I must upgrade from my current version

Finding Tomcat Version on Linux

OK, there are a bunch of different ways, but it depends how Tomcat was installed. My install didn’t have a version.sh (the easy button) so this one, derived from Joe Tech, seems like the most reliable (every tomcat has a catalina.jar!). First get your path to your catalina.jar: Then, use that path to run this

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brightly colored panels of distressed wood (pink, green, red, yellow, sky blue), the paint is chipping off. a rusty lock and with a heart-shaped padlock keeps it closed.

Data Hostage Crisis: ColorNote & Google

TLDR; The Fix This post comes in two parts – the fix, and the drama. Figure, if you are here for the fix, let’s disclose that up front (unlike how the rest of the internet works). So here it is: The Drama Alright, like most people, I pour my life into a cadre of applications

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a human in a suit with a robot head and red yes, sits in a fiery field of broken buildings, ticker tape and destruction

AI is Coming for Capitalism, and Maybe I am OK with That

Keeping up with the Jones’ AI Look, I love all the new gadgetry. AI blows my mind. When ChatGPT was released, I had a new buddy that I could talk to about almost ANYTHING. When Bard came to town, well, it was a bit flaky, but these days, Bard is impressive. Lia27 . . .

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