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Rescripting Negative Imagination

“I AM A POSITIVE PERSON” Not 100% sure, but I suspect most people, when asked if they think they are a positive person, will indeed think they are generally a positive humanbeing.  For those who don’t sign up in the “Positive Paulina” camp, there’s likely a group that will say, “Well, positive is good, but […]

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The Quest for Easy Project Management Apps

FOND MEMORIES OF ASTRID So there I was, half way through 2015 and thinking,”Dang, I need some better collaboration tools.” Does anyone remember Astrid? I loved Astrid because it did EVERYTHING. It even pestered me to get stuff done instead of slacking off. Hey! I said “slacking.” Sheesh, people.  But then Astrid imploded, and I

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Google Voice to Hangouts Dialer

THE GOOD NEWS Well, “long ago” I pieced together some instructions to get your Google Voice working in Gmail, but now with the new Hangouts Dialer integration, this just got a lot easier. From your PC… you can hit http://www.google.com/hangouts/ and grab the plugin for your browser. From your mobile device, you can go to the

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“Twice As Good” Sneaks into DC

Well, I can’t say that blues is my thing, but I can say that “Twice As Good” did have a good sound, fun tracks and a healthy appreciation for their audience.  This post, however, is all about taking something twice as good, and maybe making it three times as good… because there were a number

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The Age of Misinformation

It’s funny how my mom would say, “You kids didn’t come with an instruction manual.” By the time I had children, there were so many instruction manuals, you could use one to disprove another. I like to say that we’ve moved from the Information Age to the Misinformation Age on account that there is so

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ATTs Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Short Version If you like Droid, and you like a nice big screen backed by a powerful processor, this phone will not disappoint you. AT&T’s Network This phone can’t fix their network.  But it is not the device, from what I can tell, because this is my third ATT phone and the symptoms of dropping

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The Logitech Touch Mouse T620

Well, let’s start by saying this mouse is interesting. It was something new and different, from the design to the touch-factor.  The results? As an innovative product idea, it was impressive, but as a day-to-day piece of gear it’s definitely not ready for prime time. PROs It looks cool Don’t have 2 batteries, that’s OK

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Why is our Technology so Awesomely Stupid?

That’s a fairly broad and sweeping judgment, of course, but I contend, even based on my personally limited sample set, that it is true!!  Let’s take some examples… I have a phone that can measure how far I walk, it can monitor my eyes and scroll the screen when my eyes hit the bottom of

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Catching Fire – When Fumbles Make Money

SPOILER ALERT (OK, candidly there is not a whole lot to spoil – but if you read this you will not need to see the movie – and I encourage that) I can sum up this movie for you and spare you 2.5 hours of not a whole lot.  Summary: “We’re making a third movie.”

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