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My 2023 Pocket Guide

TLDR Scroll to the Pocket Guide heading if you don’t want the anecdotal adventures; however, unlike a lot of authors that spam crap into their articles for SEO, I tend to hold my anecdotal musings to be of a much higher quality level. *sound of air escaping from a balloon* OK, let’s deflate that ego …

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my dog sleeping in his bed with his tongue slightly sticking out

Three Simple Steps to a Personal Plan for a Happy 2023!!

TLDR Just a quick post that offers 3 simple steps to a top level New Year plan, along with some hints about what I will be focusing on in 2023. Step 1: Reflection Every year I write a PRD (Personal Reflection Document). OMG, no I do not call it that. But each year I read …

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Close-up of four adult learners working together. One has a laptop, one has a thicker book, one is using a pen to point at some workbook held by the 4rth person.

Redefining Ourselves through Deeper Learning

The Training Forget Factor I couldn’t find an authoritative source, but sprinkled about the internet (this is a testimony to my rant on what has happened to our “Information Superhighway”), anyway, sprinkled about are these stats that people forget 50% of corporate training in an hour, 80% in a day and 97% in a month. …

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A highway with a section of bridge collasped into the water below

What Happened to the Information Superhighway

In the Beginning I am sure there are some folks like me who were around when the typewriter was invented… no wait, I was not around for that. Or was I? Gah, I forget. Anyway, I was here when a company called Apple came out with the IIe, when Microsoft came out with a graphical …

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A glass orb which is both reflecting the image of a person standing to its right and reflecting the sense and a cactus which is presumably to its left.

Letting go of Psychological Anti-Patterns

The gift of another year As the fires of Autumn color dim to a soft warm glow of embers lining our sidewalks, the season of winter calls to us. With its colder weather and longer nights, we’ve come to embrace this season with warm celebrations — family, fires, flannel and food — to shrug off …

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picure of a small bonsai tree with a well definted shape and budding green leaves, surrounded by other small green plants all in separate pots.

“Faith” and “Patience”

Practical Duality I have noticed, if I bring up the notion of “faith,” people tend to give me “that look.” It is a hint of a sheepish smile, an obviously feigned acceptance (even if unwittingly). Most humans extend a certain degree of duality. We pick and choose our conversational battles, and it is not uncommon …

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The First One

I have been publishing for a long time. ┬áMaybe I will troll through some of my other content some day, or even better, scan/retype some of my writing back before the internet existed. But for now, I have taken my most recent website,, and have ported it over to support my new personal brand: …

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