Chapter – 109 – Rising from the Dead

“Glad to see you back for another visit, Mr. Smith.”

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Dr. Thegan always wore a white lab coat.  I didn’t quite understand why a psychiatrist would wear such a thing, but for some reason I had never questioned it.

“I am glad to be here.”

“So,” she reviewed her notes. She must have done well in college, because her note taking was off the charts,” You finished the Electronic Software Planner, you were still finishing the poster, and then you needed to pick another project to work on…”

“Actually, I need to pick 2 projects to work on…kinda… sorta…maybe.”

“The poster is done?”

“Well, I have not found anyone to print it yet, but the Army of Midnight poster is done!” I unrolled my test print before her:

Picture of Vampire slaying a Demon

“Wow,” she said.  It was a very clinical “wow.”  You know, the one that says,”You might as well have dropped your pants and shown me you wore Care-Bear Underoos.”

“It is for a game I am working on, with a friend who operates the Loremaster website.”

“My notes have this as the…the… ‘Fluffy Bunny Poster Project’…”

“I know… I sometimes give projects ‘code names’ so that I don’t release information too early, you know? Don’t want Gizmodo finding out about my next super secret project or something!”

She continued to stare blankly at it.

“Not exactly your taste.”

“Yeah.  I hope you understand.”

“It’s fine, Dr. Thegan,” I rolled up the poster.  I was too happy to care if she liked it or not, really.  If she had liked it, I might have been concerned, but then, I really like it, so I must be all effed up,huh? Hmmm.

“So you are not worried about printing it?” She continued.

“No. I mean, I am, but… I delivered the poster, I delivered the Electronic Software Planner.  I am ready to pick the next project or two.”

“Oh! Well then, what are you doing next?”

“Well, I have 4 projects, but the primary 2 are: I am going to finish the Game Design Document for Army of Midnight, so we can actually make the game.  And, I told a friend I would work with him to make a video, which has turned into a project about working on an existing TV show!”

“A real Television show?” Dr. Thegan sounded almost impressed.

“Yup, it is real.  It’s an education show, and I am going to help raise awareness of the show and get people engaged in the content and the purpose!”

“Sounds exciting – what is the name of the show?”

“I can’t tell you.”

The room got a little quiet. I thought I heard a small amount of squeaky air escaping a balloon?

“How can you increase awareness, if you can’t tell people the name of the show?”

“I am working with the producers to come up with a plan – and when I have the plan approved, then I can tell you the name and much more :-)”

“OK,”  she reluctantly agreed and the room was again silent until she moved on,”So you have your next 2 projects.  This is good! And it is only April.  I hope you are happy with your progress.”

“I am, Dr. Thegan, but your comment reminds me…did you get to talk to your patient who ran off last time?”

“I did. I did, and she just needs time.”

“Well, it is time for Easter.  Regardless of her religion, I hope she can cash in on some of the forgiveness and renewal this time of year brings with it.”

Dr. Thegan chuckled. Like, for real, she chuckled.

“Did I just make you laugh?”

“It is just ironic Mr. Smith.  Fifteen seconds ago you were displaying a poster with two ghastly creatures locked in a violent battle, yet our session ends with an almost eloquent statement on forgiveness and renewal.”

“Haha, yeah well, the poster is about a game, but my comment about your friend is for real.”

“She’s not a friend, Mr. Smith, and none of this is real.”

“Pshh!” I responded, “She’s your best friend, and all of this is very real.”

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