picure of a small bonsai tree with a well definted shape and budding green leaves, surrounded by other small green plants all in separate pots.

“Faith” and “Patience”

Practical Duality I have noticed, if I bring up the notion of “faith,” people tend to give me “that look.” It is a hint of a sheepish smile, an obviously feigned acceptance (even if unwittingly). Most humans extend a certain degree of duality. We pick and choose our conversational battles, and it is not uncommon …

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2 vector faces and one sketched face

The Judging

Wow, it has been a crazy few weeks. But I told myself, “Self! You need to write more in your blog.” Self: “but what if they judge me?” Self: “Get over yourself, Self! It’s not all about you!” Self: “Then what’s it about?” Self: “Meeeeee!! Muhahahahaha!” And now it is time for the reading comprehension …

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