four different children doing different activities and all wearing rose colored glasses with the caption "To them, we owe the brightest possible future"

Rosy Glasses & DEI taking on the Dystopian Future

TLDR I read this article by Douglas Rushkoff, about the ultra-rich giving up on humanity. Maybe the subsequent book (“Survival of the Richest”) is truth, maybe fiction, maybe a bit of both. I get the notion of “preparedness” manifests differently for each of us, but this read inspired some contemplation on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion …

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A colorful sign which states the earth is more valuable than money

From Sustainability to a Sustainabilist Economy

Dreams to Intentions They say time flies when you are having fun. In truth, I think time just flies. Period. It is always on the move and our big blue world spins with or without us. This article is a follow-up to a previous post about priorities. Sometimes our lives seem so busy, it is …

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sun peeking over an earthlike planet

Fifty Suns

People like to think in terms of “years-old”, and other folks contend we should be thinking in “years-young.” I have discarded years altogether. It’s just journeys around the sun on the best spaceship we have ever known: our own blue miracle, Planet Earth. I’ve recently completed my 50th trek. I’ve had a few people innocently …

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