A glass orb which is both reflecting the image of a person standing to its right and reflecting the sense and a cactus which is presumably to its left.

Letting go of Psychological Anti-Patterns

The gift of another year As the fires of Autumn color dim to a soft warm glow of embers lining our sidewalks, the season of winter calls to us. With its colder weather and longer nights, we’ve come to embrace this season with warm celebrations — family, fires, flannel and food — to shrug off …

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old style yellowing world map with an old metal compass

Living and Sharing Our Truth

We humans are curious creatures. We are all abuzz and a flurry with our lives. Those lives bump into other lives and we negotiate ways to smooth out rough edges. Patterns and strategies emerge, these get built into social mores and governance approaches, and after a few thousand years, we have unlocked all kinds of …

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