The Logitech Touch Mouse T620

Well, let’s start by saying this mouse is interesting. It was something new and different, from the design to the touch-factor.  The results? As an innovative product idea, it was impressive, but as a day-to-day piece of gear it’s definitely not ready for prime time.

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  • It looks cool
  • Don’t have 2 batteries, that’s OK it can work on just one
  • universal dongle (that sounds like a really bad adult movie, but it is a handy idea)


  • The touch interface is…well… touchy! Sometimes it doesn’t interact as expected
  • By far the biggest issue for “real-world” use is addressing several ergonomic concerns
    • The mouse does not have a high enough arch to support the weight of a hand without invoking an accidental click
    • Using the mouse requires that a person moves their hand from the base to the tip of the mouse while grasping the mouse to move the pointer – this doesn’t feel as awkward as it looks in writing, but after 8 hours, it will be become evident
    • And finally, because the mouse is touch sensitive, it requires the user to not rest their hand on it – constantly hovering their fingers over the surface of the unit – that really adds up over a day’s work
  • With such an awesome surface, I kinda expected a second battery might be able to illuminate it, just a little bit (make it an option so people don’t complain)… I think it would just look cool.

Basically I would only recommend buying a T620 mouse if you are curious and already have access to a known, comfy mouse in case this one doesn’t do it for you!

Happy Mousing!


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