Goodbye oBout, Hello DevExpress

My experience with oBout (and lots of businesses)

Back in 2010, I was searching for ASP.NET controls for our team.  One member of our group had used oBout and said they were inexpensive and effective.  He was right… for an enterprise license, they are extremely inexpensive.  And, as long you didn’t try to do too much with them, they could be quite effective.

A strange blue cyber background with black lines going vertical and horizontal. The image of a woman takes up a third of the frame and she is starting at a the small image of a meme where someone is wearing a rainbow afro. "Support MindFuel Blog on Patreon" is meticulously crafted into a graphical overlay which obfuscates part of the underlying artistry. So sad.

Problems set in when we started needing to nest the controls, trap some java script events, and have a more fine-tuned control over these controls.  So in 2010, I can say when we wrote to oBout (which we are convinced is, like, one dude camped out in a studio in New York somewhere) , they did eventually write back.  We got help a couple of times.

But in 2011, oBout stopped responding to any help requests…for months! So, we were in a bit of a lurch. I sent them an email stating we would even be willing to pay more money if we could get support. Nothing.

Last month we did some research and have decided to give DevExpress a try – we got their ASP.NET AJAX control subscription.  It’s not like we are a huge shop, but when we have a question, we need an answer.  DevExpress tools seem a lot less wonky, they sport a Visual Studio plug-in, and they seem a bit bigger an organization! Now, we’ll have to see what happens when we contact support!

Have you tried DevExpress? What luck have you had?

3 thoughts on “Goodbye oBout, Hello DevExpress”

  1. Augusto Eduardo

    I use Obout and the grid is very very powerfull, even can be writable (excel style) and i even used with code bar reader with method page that was incredible grid can fill alone, the api client side and server is very complete. I ve worked good allways and by luck i never wrote to support, coz the expamples were very complete… BUT im trying devex to reporting and dashboard, and devex support where very accurate and fast really impresive, so i ll buy devex, and i ll still working with obout and devex both are good depending your situation

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