A Little Easter

A friend of mine sent me a link to a sermon.  Generally, I don’t get all preachy with my views on religion and spirituality, but I figured…in my faith, Jesus died and ascended. This happened while the bunny went around delivering eggs, apparently. Anyway, this particular sermon dealt with some interesting issues that I thought fit well into the spirit of Easter: About the word “catholic”, about the word “all” and about erasing racism. It’s a testimony to the spirit of acceptance that even an atheist could agree to – at least in part!

A strange blue cyber background with black lines going vertical and horizontal. The image of a woman takes up a third of the frame and she is starting at a the small image of a meme where someone is wearing a rainbow afro. "Support MindFuel Blog on Patreon" is meticulously crafted into a graphical overlay which obfuscates part of the underlying artistry. So sad.

Not a bad way to spend 15 minutes, so I thought I would share: http://standrewsv.org/sermons-online/singlesermon/10006.html


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