Brain Waves, Sound Therapy and White Noise

“White noise” devices have progressed from their roots, that’s all I can say! I went to go buy one to help my wife sleep better, and they now have devices that play a whole bunch of different sounds, and then they will modulate those sounds in accordance with your brain waves.

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So I found a couple options that I am trying out.  I can’t swear they work or anything, but if I start growing hair back on my receding hairline all because the Delta waves released HGH, I will let you know.

The software that caught my attention was called Natura ($29.99 if you buy it), and I got it from (c|net)  for a PC.  It let’s you actually develop a custom mix of white noise by adjusting the volume of ALL the sounds at once.  Want a babbling brook NEXT to the ocean WITH crickets WHILE tribal drums are playing? You got it! Then you can add the brain wave of your choice (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta).  It doesn’t support Gamma or M00000! OK it is called Mu.

Brookstone sells a couple models that plug into the wall, by the name of Tranquil Moments ($129 for just the sounds  and $169 for a clock with the sounds).  Only certain programs on the Brookstone are listed as using brain waves, and you cannot do the custom mixing like the computer version.  It is still a pretty cool unit, if you can handle the +900% Brookstone “we have a weird gadget that is hard to find” pricing.

Hope this info proves useful.  While I am here, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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