Parental Rambling: The Google Science Fair Competition

So, Google was sponsoring a science competition:

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I sent an email to my son explaining the competition and he promptly responded he no liked teh science.  With my usual flare for misguiding youth, I promptly supplied him with a poignant anecdote from my childhood. It went something like this:


You know, I wasn’t a huge fan.  But I had a friend named Simon who was ridiculously smart.  He was always building electronic gadgets in his garage, studying the stars, and …well… he also used to like blowing things up. That didn’t go over too well with your Grandma, so we did that mostly at his house. Shhhh!!! 😀  One year, in 7th grade, our science teacher said – hey, you should enter this science contest because you guys are smart and all the other chillenz gotz the dumbz (this part about the other children being dumb is called a “lie”, but when telling a story it can be called “embellishment”…but really it is still a lie.)  So, we did. No, not lie, we DID enter the contest! Sheesh.

Then we both looked at each other like, “Well, probably can’t blow anything up.” So we got to thinking about an experiment of SOME kind.  And we thought…HEY! Light is made up of a rainbow of colors. We knew this was true because of the Pink Floyd album called Dark Side of the Moon.  That was proof! See this is the album cover. SCIENCE!
We wondered, if we separated all the different colors of light, if plants would not be able to grow or would grow better under different colors of light.
We built six compartments and grew 6 different plants under 6 different lights (one no light, one white light, and then 4 other colors).  DO YOU KNOW WHAT WE DISCOVERED? DO YOU????!11111!!!!!111!!11111!????? That’s right, we discovered that we sucked at growing plants because they ALL died! But our multicolor expurrrrment with photos and cool drawrinks and smexy charts took 3rd place because even though our experiment failed, it looked and sounded AWESOME!
No. I don’t know why I told you that story. But the moral of the story is, science can be fun if you are artistic and make it look epic.  They call that “Presentation”… basically it is the art of making something look awesome, even though it might be a stupid, failed experiment.  I am sure there were awesome experiments that could save the world, but they just didn’t look as cool as ours, so the world was still doomed. Aren’t morals exciting? I am starting to think I am a bad parent. hee hee!
Good times.

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  1. Great try above I am sure Pink Floyd would be happy.,just a couple passing notes of interest seeing you put the work in, a few more answers on plants may be helpful.80% of plants mass comes from the air CO2 and around 2 am in the morning they start feeding from water in the air on the underside of their leaves,from visible/ invisible ground mist ,a suppliment to ground water.
    The best plant to study for answeres is Spanish Moss!
    My brother always found answeres by repeating the question why after every answere, Good luck on your quest.

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