Courting Fullpack Trickster in the US

That’s right, you heard me right. When my son told me Trickster had shut its boxes down in the US, the first thing I did was…. well… feel bad for my son just a tad because I know he loved that game.

A crazy wall of horizontally and vertically stacked old books with a rustic blue wood door in the center. The words "Support MindFuel Blog on Patreon are shamelessly plastered over this fine image

Then, I realized I would never see Fistmas Present or Experimenty Fresh ever again. I worked hard to build those toons and THEIR VIRTUAL DEATHS would not be in vain!!

I opened a ticket with GameRage, and Jinx, a game master from Pangya, answered back.  Jinx explained the game was not available to be licensed.  Bummer.  So, just now I submitted another ticket – to the Trickster inbox (oops) and explained some of the benefits of letting my son and I host the game. Who knows, maybe soon, Trickster will be back online in the US!


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