A female AI robot peeking over the screen cap of some LinkedIn posts I was trying to use

Sending me to #GPTRehab!! ? And I said, No no no… ?

Yeah – this is the post I posted about wanting to post! Keep in mind, LinkedIn will probably make you login to be seeing of the things. One Day, on LinkedIn I was trolling through the content, and I saw this cool post from Ben. He was all like, Love the disruption for people that …

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man in a suit stating, "Control freak? I like to think of myself as a control enthusiast"

Yet Another Reason to Own Your Blog

The LinkedIn Challenge I maintain a lot of different social media platforms, and each has their own nuances. In today’s adventure, I simply wanted to share a post from Ben Taylor, Dataiku’s Chief AI Strategist. But I wanted to do it a certain way. Here’s what I wanted: I wanted to keep Ben’s comments on …

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Export Your LinkedIn Data (2018)

I went to download my contact list for use in my shiny new CRM tool (more on that later), and the “download archive” button never became enabled.  That’s because LinkedIn has a broken dusty corner where the feature apparently doesn’t work, but if you search the help, you can find the correct endpoint (which looks …

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Life Beyond Facebook

FB2 Electric Boogaloo Odd… there have been several other posts I’ve contemplated, but I finally get around to typing something and it is about Facebook again. Again? Isn’t there something beyond Facebook? Hmm, ironically, that is why this post came about. Social Network Blues I pulled out of several networks. Let’s face it, maintaining a …

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