pug sitting, but wrapped in a blanket so only his face is showing. Text reads "I just want... to feel special"

Not Feeling Special

OK, that is kinda lame because I know everyone is unique and special in their own way, but I am talking about this in a business sense when considering what I post on WordPress and what I am doing with Patreon.

Picture of dead sea scroll cave with "Support Mindfuel Blog on Patreon" shamelessly promoted on top

Now, before we get too far into this, I accept that the issue is mostly on my side. I haven’t really put the brain ooze (credit for that goes to my friend, Eric) to work on how to segment my content stream. So, right now, everything goes on the MindFuel Blog and is freely available.

I know there is stuff worth money, but other than asking people for support, I need to put the time in on reading some of Patreon’s suggestions and coming up with some stuff that would make my Patreons feel special.  

There are millions of them, and they deserve to feel special!

For now, everything is on my WordPress. If anyone cares to offer advice, I am open. Unless the advice is just a troll. Then, I will just be like trollolol and move on. Well, I mean, behind the scenes I will go cry in my breakfast cereal about how mean people can be on the internet, but I will never let it show! Or maybe I will.  Isn’t being vulnerable in right now? It is. 

Why, internet trolls, whhhhyyyyyyy?!?!?!?!?11!

I suppose I should wait until I actually get trolled.

Isn’t getting 0 likes a form of trolling?

No, that’s just people’s opinion.

Aren’t trolls sharing their opinions?

My, the internet is so emotionally complicated. It’s like . . .a web…of stuff. . . all interconnected and crazy.

Oh look, KITTENS!

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