THe AlmaLinux logo which is a ring of people with their hands meeting in the center. Each person is a different color, and it ends up looking like a rainbow flower shape

Choose a Provider, I’m going with HawkHost

After the URL Shortener for this blog, I needed a box to tinker with. Now, there are a gazillion hosting providers out there. And some are awesome, and some suck, but after trying dozens of them, including A2, Bluehost, HostGator, NameCheap and scads more over the years (I have even used AWS, but dang that …

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picutre of a funky electric guitar with strange pickups and the phrase "I tinker... ...therefore I am " overlayed on the image

The Circle of Blog #mydatabelongsto.me

Anyone who reads my material knows I am a walking variety magazine. I just love the force of creation, which is how I can pivot Math.random(360) degrees, several times a day. If you don’t know JavaScript, that’s just a number between 0 and 360. It began with a domain name I will wake up with …

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