1950s style comic book mail is holding up a small wall calendar. The calendar has little arms and an devious smile as it holds a photo-realistic credit card over its head.

Your Calendar Might Know Your Credit Card Number

Calendly allegedly enables wiretapping I was thinking about signing up with Calendly, so people could book appointments with me. Bad idea. I am a privacy advocate, and I can’t sign up with a firm that actively engages in propagating malware to spy on their customers. But, don’t believe me, here is the class action filed

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picutre of a funky electric guitar with strange pickups and the phrase "I tinker... ...therefore I am " overlayed on the image

The Circle of Blog

Anyone who reads my material knows I am a walking variety magazine. I just love the force of creation, which is how I can pivot Math.random(360) degrees, several times a day. If you don’t know JavaScript, that’s just a number between 0 and 360. It began with a domain name I will wake up with

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